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Name:Imogen Moreno

The Basics:
Imogen Moreno

Kindred Soul
Rakath Chaos

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I'm nowhere near creative enough to come up with Imogen Moreno. But I wish I did, that'd be cool.

Personality, Brave New World Deviation:
Canon Personality: Imogen is... well, weird. She desires to be remembered and seen more than to be liked and accepted. Making her more than willing to push away others with her strange habits. She finds normality boring, and very few people can talk her into attempting it. She does what she can to look memorable, her clothes are always a weird mix of whatever she can toss together. Looking good, but never looking like everyone else. Her jewelry is a similar collection of small baubles she can wear from her ears and wrists. She’s impulsive, wild, and childlike at times. Happily letting her age melt away to that of a child enjoying everything life has. The judgments of the crowd mean nothing, provided she’s making her friends smile. In fact the judgments of the crowd egg her on, as often as not.

Underneath this weirdness is a rather timid, shy, awkward girl. When she isn’t presenting herself for the spotlight, she hates the spotlight being thrown on her. A girl that loves animals, wants to hang out with friends, and find love. She can occasionally get a bit obsessive, but it seems to mostly be under control now. She makes everything dramatic, because it’s more fun that way. Her home life is... complicated, probably doing her no favors in deciding to be strange over normal. A total daddy’s girl, when daddy is a bumbling professor who is alright with being strange too. Plus issues dealing with her mom who left them when she was eight, and has a new family Imogen feels no love or connection with.

Imogen's persona shifts due to how comfortable she is and how much the attention is on her. In the day to day grind she is loud, dramatic, and outgoing. Happy to say whatever comes to mind, in whatever strange thoughts she has. Because, this isn't personal, this is her way to be seen. Sure, she's weird, and she's off putting, but it's who she is. The attention isn't on her, and she wants to draw it to her as best she can manage. With whatever she can, clothes, lies, extravagant motions. The lying is of great importance, as she treats lies and 'more interesting' different; one hurts and the other is more fun. She will make up stories that are just believable enough, but not something anyone would accept. Merely force them to think 'could it be true,' and that's enough for her. Injuring herself, in ways she knows aren't permanent, is not out of the question. She's more brazen when she first meets someone, as in that moment she's nothing, and everything she is will be cast into the light in one shining moment.

When the attention is put on her, and people make fun of her, she clams up a little. She grows uneasy if the eyes are cast to her on terms that are not her own. She'll still be off putting, but not purposefully, her awkwardness and shyness showing in these moments. This happens when she's quiet, and other people talk to her. If you follow the phrase 'all the world's a stage' these moments are when she's relaxing in the eves and drawn into a performance off cue. She isn't ready for people, so she doesn't do much of anything. This is especially true with people she knows well enough to not like. Cruel cheerleaders and dumb jocks with only one thing on their mind. While she acts unfettered by the comments and laughter of her classmates, when she's pulling attention to herself, the leers and jabs meant to hurt do hurt her. Exascerbating her fears of being alone.

It's with her friends you find the middle ground, between the overblown drama queen and the awkward shy freak. Who is loud, and bright, and makes everything important. A child in a candy store, happy and free and herself. If she sees a moment to make an impression, she'll use her friends in her 'act,' and if someone confronts her friends, she will retreat behind them. Speaking up only when she knows its important for their own good. She'll still be dramatic when comfortable, but mostly it's for fun with little expectation she would be believed. She requires a lot of testing and checking to find the her real boundaries (as the drama queen has no boundaries, while the shy freak requires a ten foot bubble). Find what she's really okay with. Her concerns with being alone make her extra attached to those she deems friend. And why gender is not a concern with her romantic endeavors.

She’s an aspiring architect and loves to make things. Her true artistry comes from designing houses, sets, and anything she can look at as her mark on the world. Some lasting monument to her own idiosyncrasies, to who she is. Anything to be remembered. Her one goal is to be remembered, made only more important to her as her father's dementia started to impact their life. She will do anything creative to make an impression, the weirder and more out there the better to her.

Deviations: For the most part Imogen is the same, she's still an impulsive flighty little space cadet, with sudden and shocking bouts of cunning devious underhanded thought. Someone who found herself on the inside of a fishbowl and only liked to be watched when she controlled what was seen of her. What's changed is that her path is to help her father, where in canon she's lost hope of that being possible. She also has no desire to be an architech in this canon, and her interest in fashion, craft, and design are all applied to other things (but mostly to annoy her family and their friends).

She also has a lot less trouble lying, as the people she normally lies to deserve every falsehood she shares. She also has much less fear about approaching people she likes in romantic ways, as it almost always annoys her mother. Her relationship with her mother is a lot more strained than it is in canon, as it is actual dislike instead of perceived abandonment and learning how to get along.

AU History, Enlightened Abilities, Partner Pokemon:
AU History: The Morenos are a rather well to do family. Louis and Natalie (Imogen's parents) running in the higher circles, both former trainers (thus waiting a bit longer to marry than is practice), Louis is now a professor and Natalie a doctor. Imogen was born into society and was taught from an early age to follow all the rules. ...Which she decided was horrible, she didn't like it, it was boring, and she wanted to do her own thing. She went to school, she studied, she daydreamed, she switched her focus on possible careers on a near daily basis. She would walk into parties with a Pokemon on her head and was generally scolded by the extended family and the rest of the well-to-do. Her father, as odd as Imogen ever is, seemed to applaud her creativity and craft at everything but whatever she was suppose to be doing.

Around the age of twelve Imogen started to show... abilities, which hardly shocked anyone as her father was Enlightened too. Well, technically she started showing skills before twelve, as her little flights of fancy made it hard to tell when Imogen was making things up, or actually talking to Pokemon. The talk of arranging her a husband started to come up, at around the same time she met a girl she really liked. There was also pressure to stop her from helping at a run-down art house she had apprenticed to design sets and costumes for. Her father fought very hard to keep her out of the usual trappings of arranged marriage and societal chains, up until he started to get sick.

His mind started to go when Imogen was around fourteen, and with that Imogen started to act even more out there as she fought more with her mother. Imogen's mother took on a consort, not entirely unheard as Imogen was her only child, and three children was the usual baseline. With Louis almost completely out of touch with reality Imogen found herself alone surrounded on all sides. Natalie and her consort had another child soon after, and started to push that Imogen should consider marriage again. This lead to Imogen not only seeking out ways to avoid getting married, but she fully embraced the fact that her... romantic interests, did not line up with what her mother wanted.

Imogen finally decided on a course for herself, it successfully had all she wanted to it. It allowed her to do her own thing, got her out of marriage, and got her out of society and their parties, staring, leering, judging, and generally being no fun sticks in the mud! She became a Delver, and would search the Old City for anything of value. Hoping, above and beyond all hopes, that she would discover something to help bring her father back to reality. Curing whatever sickness his Psychic-Enlightened state left him in.

Enlightened Abilities: Imogen's types are Fairy/Dark. Matching her playful, vibrant, energetic side, and her dark, cruel, obsessive and vindictive side.

For the most part this presents as a control over energies, she can manipulate moonlight and darkness as matches her types. Her manipulation of natural energies is mostly for support and healing, while the shadows are for attack and as a weapon. As she's just starting out, her healing is limited to minor injuries, and her attacks are very weak (along the lines of Fairy Wind).

Her eyes are incredibly expressive, allowing her some level of emotional manipulation through simple looks, and in the dark her eyes glow gold allowing her strong night vision (as Dark types are connected to the dark, and Fairy types connected to night). However at this moment, she cannot really control her expressive eyes, and only has access to her night vision.

Imogen's love of animals makes her a Kindred Soul in this world.

Partner Pokémon:
- Brighteyes (Eevee - Male)
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