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   Imogen Moreno // Dark/Fairy (♀)
Movepool: Fairy Wind, Starlight Touch, Charm, Taunt, Quash, Shade Star, Shadow Mist, Baby-Doll Eyes, Fake Tears.

For the most part this presents as a control over energies, she can manipulate moonlight and darkness as matches her types. Her manipulation of natural energies is mostly for support and healing, while the shadows are for attack and as a weapon. As she's just starting out, her healing is limited to minor injuries, and her attacks are very weak (along the lines of Fairy Wind).

Her eyes are incredibly expressive, allowing her some level of emotional manipulation through simple looks, and in the dark her eyes glow gold allowing her strong night vision (as Dark types are connected to the dark, and Fairy types connected to night). However at this moment, she cannot really control her expressive eyes, and only has access to her night vision.

Kindred Soul | Evil Eyes |LV026

Special Skills )

Bonded (13/40) )

Special Activities )
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*The video opens up to a face we haven't seen in a week. It's Imogen! And she's in a rather fetch green and pink striped nightgown. Her hair is in a pair of two simple twintails as she works on eating a cupcake. Breakfast of champions! She looks pretty well taken care of for someone who slept for a week... and her room looks like a confetti cannon exploded.*

*Plus, cupcakes!*


So what'd I miss? I'd ask Talent or Omen but they've spent the whole week with me, so they don't have any good news or gossip to tell me.

Like where these cupcakes came from! But I figure I've missed 21 meals and like 20 odd snacktimes, so I should totally catch up! And dessert is the best place to start, right!? I like what you guys did with my room while I was out, and the blanket is really nice, and this gown is super comfy!

*Notice how her time back at home isn't being brought up.*
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*Imogen looks like she hasn't slept well the past week, and that she hasn't seen sunlight in a week. Omen (Absol) and Talent (Espeon) look just as ragged, the former just looks dirty while the latter's eyes are closed as they move about in the fresh clean air. The only thing that looks taken care of on Imogen is her dress... it's the one from the icon there. Black straps on the abdomen, a rainbow tutu attached, long sleeves... odd choice of outfit.*

So... ever woken up in a cave you don't remember falling asleep in? Then trying to get out of the cave, finding the exit, running toward it... and ending up in a different cave? THAT WAS MY WEEK!

...And I thought the weird dream about Sasuke hitting on me and taking me for coffee was weird...

Also... do any of you have memories of this place from before you came here? I mean... like... no, it's weird, nevermind!

*Crazy cave dreams, that's all that was. Of her being her from when she was still obsessed with Eli. Yeah. That's it!*

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out how I got to Mount Moon. Thor, Steve, Tony... where are you guys? As I need a bath, a hug, and a massage in... some order or another. And a lift to town. See... Aglon fainted, and I don't have Wildfyre's pokeball for some reason.

...Tell me nobody went surfing up and down the edge of Cinnabar...
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*Imogen looks a little... different. The most obvious would be her glasses. The frames are different, thicker and the lenses larger. She looks a little goofy in them. Her jewelry is wrong too, all of it dark and gothic, as opposed to the mismatched punk thing she usually did, and none of her jewelry has badges. And her clothes are now heavily themed with black, with red accents over her standard circus performer chic look.*

*She also appears terrified of her own starter, Omen the Absol. She notices the camera finally... and looks even more freaked out by whatever is next to it, before snatching it and trying to scramble out of the room.*

I really don't know what's going on, or who did this, or what those things are but I would like to go home now! AND I AM TIRED OF THE VOICE IN MY HEAD TELLING ME TO CALM DOWN!

I- I stayed up too late studying for my lines. I ate too much candy and spicy tacos before bed. I watched too many episodes of Evangelion all at once. One of those has to make sense as to why this is all happening. Maybe I finally am what everyone thinks I am. This is what the inside of my head looks like.

I hope Eli won't mind if I miss rehearsal. That Fiona can be such a slavedriver though...

*Imogen glances behind her one last time, and turns off the camera.*

(OOC: Imogen has dialed back to Season 11, and has the emotional stability of stage glass. She's also got no memory of Route right now! Action Responses need not be connected to her video post, and can of course be in any part of Route.)
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*Look at Imogen, she suited up! ...Okay, she's wearing a jacket from a power suit over her usual clothes, and a tie. But the tie is bright green. She looks more stylish than businesslike, in any event (and, well, her). She looks really excited, but also like she's trying to be almost controlled... and failing and just looking excited.*

So I've been here a while, and I think it's finally time I started doing something, like, regular and as a real job. I can't just raise Pokemon forever. Mostly because I'm getting kinda close to level 100. Not like, right around the corner close but close close. But I don't want to be chained down to any one place, so I can't really work for any of the businesses already around because of the whole arrested if you try to leave town early thing.

And for a while I got bored, and gave up, but then when I was sketching something I want to wear next time there's a Pokeprom like big fancy ball thing it hit me! I could design stuff! Like, interior decor and clothes! It'd be fun, and cool, and I'd be really useful at it!

*Imogen holds her sketchbook up to the camera, showing off various sketches she's done. Clothes, rooms, houses, all very... functional, but still just a bit weird and creative. Then Imogen holds up a large sign clearly made with magic markers, glue, and glitter that says "Style All Your Own."*

I figure I would work by commission with a little extra cost for materials involved. Some jobs might take me a bit longer at first as I make all the right business connections to get supplies! But I swear it'll all turn out perfect! This'll be so cool!

Action in Olivine City
*Imogen can be found wandering around Olivine putting up fliers for her design services. It looks like she hand drew most of them to show off her sketching skills.*
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*Imogen's Gear shows a close up on her, and her new bit of jewelry taking a lot of the frame. It's pretty much a Wonder Woman cuff bracelet, but with her Plain Badge in the center of it. She's out of her prom gear so her hair is back in buns (one held together with her Hive Badge chopstick), and her earring is again her Zephyr Badge. All three badges on display with different pieces of jewelry to present them.*

So with all the cracray that was Prom, I kiiiiiiinda forgot to share this little number with everyone. It's been sitting on my Gear till I remembered when I finished up with this. *She wiggles her wrist to make the badge glint and gleam in the light.*

I will say that the ride to prom was super awkward because Whitney wasn't the... um, she's kinda rude when she loses. Anyone know that?

Well! Anyway! Onto the show!


Cut for Gym Battle. Video from Pre-Prom )
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Cut for long Gym Battle. )


*After Imogen's back at her hotel room, an hour or so after the battle. Imogen is washing off her silly stone make-up, and in a bathrobe. She has a Hive Badge hanging from one of her hairsticks, which isn't in her hair as she just holds it for the camera. She looks very excited about it all.*

So Bugsy and I had a loooooong talk about how I trained Aglon, apparently the bug types really like the tones of wind instruments. I ended up swarmed by them during the battle. It was really cool, I apparently found a cool thing!

I'll pick up Aglon and Wildfyre in the morning and we'll be heading back to Goldenrod! That's two for those trying to catch up to me. That was great, I'm so glad I figured out how to get Aglon on the team! Now I just need to figure out what to do about Whitney.
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*The video opens with Imogen on a rooftop. Her outfit is a bit more... centralized. It isn’t wild colors and patterns like usual. Her outfit is black and grey, with little silver accents all along. The only thing not in the colors were brown leggings. The whole outfit, it’s stiff fabric and rugged look, along with her strange make-up give the idea of ancient stonework. She still had her glasses, and there were little grey feathers in her hair. She put a lot of work into this, clearly. She's also very serious looking, focused and determined, not her usual wild energy.*

*She gives a curtsy and begins, putting her ocarina to her lips and playing. A low quiet tune as she starts a small simple dance, getting used to the tune before the real show began. The real show being the Aerodactyl flying behind her, which if you listen, it's flying and banking and moving in time with the music. Roaring in a few purposefully placed gaps in Imogen's song. Curling up for a seat on the ground with Aerodactyl behind her as she ends.*

*A few moments later she bounces up and runs over to the camera, and whoever is controlling it. The Imogen you’re all used to.* DID YOU GET IT, WAS IT GOOD, HOW DID MY OUTFIT LOOK!? Do you think it'll work for when I challenge Bugsy!? Cause I wanna make a good show of it!

*Kinda spoils the illusion she didn’t give Tenten a chance to cut the video. The ninja girl flinches at the sudden change, the camera shaking a bit as she took a step back, laughing as she held the ‘gear out of reach.*

It's gonna look great! Just, uh. Don't suddenly break and run when you're actually doing it. I mean, it ruins the effect a little... How'd you even think of this?

Oh, well after I figured out how to train Aglon, Bugsy being a bug trainer while Aglon has both the effective types it just... clicked. Sudden inspiration! And then here I am! But I promise I will keep in character for real. *Oh Imogen*


*A little later, Imogen on her own. No weird stone make-up.* Hey, um, does anyone know where I can get a safety harness thing for Aglon, I'll be careful flying with Tenten, but in case I'm in a crisis I'd like something a bit safer!

(OOC: Action for Goldenrod if you wanna run into her after she's put away her costume and is back to the regular weird that is Imogen in the streets of Pokeworld.)
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What do you think? Thursday or Friday?

Vee. Eeveee.

Riiiiiiight, the ruins, we do need to look around there before we hit the road again. We can manage that.

*Imogen seems to be talking to her Poke-partner Talent the Eevee as she considers. Travel plans. This goes on for a little while until she realizes she's gotten distracted after turning on her Gear.*

Oh! Right, I was going to work on something. Hey, can anyone lend me a Psychic Type for a week or two. I have this idea I wanna work with, but I need a Pokemon that speaks telepathy. Omen still thinks it's a bad idea, but Brenn and Talent seemed hopeful when I came up with it!

It isn't a huge rush, I won't be in town again till the weekend. I'm between Violent and Azalea right now. I promise nothing bad will happen! It'll be totally safe, I swear!

*Be worried, and click.*
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*Video starts up with a close up of Imogen, as she's playing an ocarina. She's... okay, she's not doing too well with it, it sounds like it's mostly she hasn't played in a while. Not that she's without any hope, but she should give it a bit of time before she tries to do anything like a concert. After a minute or so of very basic progressions she plays something that sounds like a victory fanfare and she puts the instrument away.*

*And Talent, her Eevee, comes out of hiding to hop to her shoulder as soon as the horrible noises stop, inspecting Imogen's new earring. Imogen's earrings often didn't match for no reason at all. Here however... well, there's a very good reason.*

So I decided the best way to celebrate my fantastic and amazing victory was with an Ocarina! Normally I'd want a party with cake but all of my friends are spread across the region, and cake doesn't travel well, and it loses all the fun if I tell everyone to throw their own confetti that was provided in a plastic baggie. Omen, Tailypo, and Joules did wonderful jobs, but they'll be spending the night with Nurse Joy, just to be safe.

I think I'll spend another week here and I'll head off to the next gym and start working on a plan for how to deal with Bugsy. I... think I can guess what I'll be facing there.

My only flier isn't really ready to take me on as a passenger so Wildfyre will be my ride to the next town. Once she's evolved and I have a saddle for her, which should be soon enough. Do not want to ride bareback again unless giant golemy death things are involved.

But anyway! One down fifteen to go! Lookout Bugsy I am coming for you!

vee! *Talent is very much in agreement with this.*
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*Barring questions on how Imogen has that much breath, the girl seems to be in awe over her new hatchling. A sparkly looking golden Vulpix. Currently Imogen's hair is in a pair of handlebar looking things sticking out of the side of her head. She also has an Eevee perched on her shoulder, her hatchling from earlier in the week. And of course Brenn the Squirtle who was watching as the new Vulpix set some drapery on fire.*

Not cool not cool not cool! Brenn!

*Squirtle jumped into action taking the fire out with a few simple water guns.*

No, Nove, no! We have talked about this. Fire pretty OUTSIDE. We are INSIDE. Stop that!

*Nove the shiny Vulpix did not seem phased by this reprimand.*

Alright, so I got a bunch of little hatchlings, but I seem to do pretty well getting them to behave with only a week of training. ...Barring Aglon, but she's unique, being a large dinosaur. She's stopped trying to eat Whiskey and Tailypo!
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*The video feed starts in with Imogen still in her pajamas (green and covered in grass type Pokemon), She's somewhere after defeating hr bedhead but before putting her hair up when she was interrupted by something. This something has her full attention, whatever it is, you can't see it by the current angle. She probably isn't even aware she's being filmed by that clever scamp of a Furret she keeps with her.*

Leo, Leonardo, Lenny, Nelly, Donatello, Don, Donald, Donny, Dom, Mikey, Michael, Michelangelo, Raphy, Rafiki, Raph, Raphael, Venus-


Okay, okay, not Venus.

*Imogen continues through a lot of vaguely ocean, turtle, water themed names. This includes names of bodies of water, rivers, and islands. Real and fictional. She goes at this for at least five minutes, until finally she gets a positive reaction.*



Alright, Brenn it is! It is nice to meet you.

*Brenn the Squirtle must have motioned, or someone directed her to check behind her. As Imogen finally notices they have a spy. Surprised definitely covers Imogen's reaction, usually she's the one surprising others! There is a brief skirmish as Imogen lunges and snatches the gear away from her Furret. Which Brenn uses as a good chance to go out and explore the Center.*

Brenn! Get back here!

*Imogen turns back to hear Gear.*

Morning! Um, Foofyku it hatched, but this is the third time he's tried to explore before I've gotten dressed! I- later, gotta run! Tailypo come on!

(OOC: Responses will be Voice/Action while she chases her Squirtle, and Video/Action once that's taken care of.)
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*The video opens with a rather pathetic looking Imogen. Her time in the snow has had her a bit in the blues. She kinda freaked out and did that near death thing and she doesn't want to do that again. Does that make her a coward. Making her seem sadder, her hair is in one single, boring ponytail instead of one of her usual buns or balls or twintailed monstrosities. She's absentmindedly petting Whiskey, her Rattata all the while.*

So I hope everyone's homes are still standing after all that almost but not quite end of the world bad. I hope I was the only one out there in trouble.

Um... if anyone's house does need work. I can draw up designs for any construction team you hire. You can name a fair price for me to work for. I don't have a proper construction team, so all I can do is design.

And I'm pretty sure if I tried to leave the city angry ponies would jump me and drag me back here cause I'm not exactly in perfect shape.

...That's all.

*She forces out one beaming bright smile. And the video feed cuts.*

Action )
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First note, barring Sasuke's gift everything else will be arriving around New Years Eve. Between her travel, the apocalypse, and the snow she hasn't had a good head of steam for shopping or knitting. She actually tried somewhat to be a little bit sane about gift giving.

Here be the list )
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*Imogen, for one of those few moments, is pretty close to normal. And she's really really freaked out. Her gear is also really staticy as she talks. She's having a run in with something, and it's clear liking it is not on the table.*

Guys... Omen woke me up way before I wanted to leave but he had- *Static*

I mean, look at it.

*Have a very grainy garbled picture of a something in the snow. Not bothered by the snow. You can clearly see it's a thing, a definitely there thing, but trying to sort out what sorta thing is impossible in the blizzard and grain. Something was interfering with the camera to do a sorta Blair Witch thing.*

Whatever it is I am NOWHERE near leveled to face- a big silvery golemy thing. So Omen and I ran, and he suggested I- *Static* -stop until I hit Violet.

...He's probably right, even if it isn't good for Wildfyre...

Um, Rainbow Dash, if it's possible *Static* -kle can meet me on the road and we can fly back? I know it's cold and stormy and bad out and I wouldn't ask if-

...If I wasn't really scared right now.

(OOC: I am putting this up earlier than I planned as my net keeps sucking. I'll spend tomorrow at school to do tagbacks if I gotta.)
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*Imogen is all ready to leave, she swapped out her previous traveling outfit for a new outfit from her computer. Her pack is on and her Pokeballs are in the pocket on her jacket. Her outfit is a bit warmer but still just as odd as usual, and her hat has holes in it for her two tails of hair. She's holding Zorua in her arms.*

Look look! I dunno what to name him yet, but he hatched!

And just in time to head out! Such a great bit of luck!

Isn't he cute!?
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*It seems the Sentret named Tailypo is at the camera again. Imogen is running alongside a Ponyta in circles. If you look in the background, Omen and Whiskey are curled up around an egg. Joules is glaring at the Ponyta.

Rikku Rikku Rikku- wait... That sounds too much like Riku, and I talk to him too, so...

Braidku! Yes, perfect. LOOK!

*Imogen does another run with her new Ponyta.*

I figured it would take longer for her to get on her feet. But look, as soon as I was sure she was steady I started training her. Plus, she doesn't burn me! Meet Wildfyre, with a y. In the fire part, not the wild part. Thankyouthanyouthankyou!

Anyway, I don't feel ready yet, you know... riding. I'll still head to the farm, like I planned, and get whatever help I can. Then I'll head back to Violet and the gym battle.

*Imogen and Wildfyre pause, and Immy starts petting the small horse mon. She pauses a moment.* ...Unless someone can think of a better plan for me. I'm not opposed to other plans.
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*The feed opens up with the camera wobbling a bit. Probably because Tailypo the Sentret is holding the device. Imogen is... dancing. She's very good at dancing, if your idea of dance is happy energetic flailing. She's, in fact, waving her paycheck from the gig working at the PokeMart*


I figure I get one last decent meal here, buy the stock of food I need for my trip. Some Pokeballs. And I can get onto Violet City! And some people were talking about a farm where they raise Pokemon. And they have Ponyta's there! I figure I can head out that way, I've only seen a farm once or twice, and I've never seen one with Pokemon!

*She stops her dancing to go through her clothes and decide what she's bringing in her pack, and what she's dropping in the item system. The only things in the pile for going in the pack are a bright pink rain poncho, a small collection of jewelry, and her undergarments which she has no shame about being in view.*

I'm not sure if I should stay here one last night, or leave as soon as I have the rest of my supplies... I mean, what's Violet city like anyway? That's kinda why I put this up. so you could all see me dance!
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*The video opens up with a lovely sunset on Cherrygrove city. Then turns back to a very out of breath Imogen. The trip from New Bark to Cherrygrove was not kind to her clothes, or her hair, and her face had some dirt on it. In a cute way that almost looks like she did it herself.*




Pokemon Center. Get to.

*The camera moves away, evidently one of her animal companions has it. Omen is still next to her, this time with Imogen's Rattata on his back. Imogen has a Shinx in her arms. Neither is moving very much, not dead because that isn't how it works. But Imogen still looks worried about something.*

*The cameramon makes a trilling sound and the camera goes all Blair Witch for a moment.*

You sure it's that way?

*More shaking of the Pokegear.*

Okay- lead the way.
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So... the rules for this sorta thing aren't any different right? Stay out of tall grass, you can't jump up those ledges. Try to be the very best, like no one ever was?

*She sounds more than a little bored, but that might have to do with how much walking there is on route 29. At least two overdramatic sighs made it into just those three sentences. Game time was so much quicker, where you could go Pallet to Viridian and back in a few minutes when she was a kid. She supposed it had to be, or else nobody would play the game. They would get bored, and go outside. The real outside.*

...I don't have to battle everyone that looks at me, right? Cause that would get more than a little old. I mean, I am just starting out and stuff. Oh! Can I find Rattata out here!? They are so cute! I want one, no, ten! I want ten!

*slight pause*

...Somebody keep me company, Omen is cute but we've run out of things to talk about.

*For anyone on the route with her, there' a strange girl with her hair up, wearing a mish-mash of colors and darks, with tiny mis-matched dice hanging from her ears. Swaying her hips, and bobbing her head, to the beat of the background music. Wandering around with an Absol walking at her side. He seems to be amused by her boredom, but is keeping his eyes out for anything that might be a danger to his new master.*

*Congrats, this is Imogen.*


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